Monday, January 06, 2014

New Year's Resolution: A Healthier Perspective

I ended 2013 with several health challenges that are going to make the new year a trying one. In the next several weeks I will undertake several medical procedures and tests to determine the next course of treatment.
I want to affirm how I am going to handle myself during these times.

  • I want to be a good patient and avoid being too cranky, negative and mean.
  • I will focus on being positive about the prognosis. 
  • Engaged about my health and course of treatment.
  • Be grateful and thankful for the support of my husband. Don't take him for granted. Cherish his support. Love and embrace all that he gives me.
  • Appreciate the concerns and well wishes from friends and family.
  • Eat healthy, stay as active as I can, and get enough sleep.
  • Take responsibility for my situation and illness/condition and how I emotionally respond to it.
  • Consciously create courage to actively confront and experience my illness/condition head on.
  • Be willing to acknowledge the fact that recovery isn't the same as returning to pre-sickness health levels. Things change and adaptation is part of life. 
  • Don't give up.
  • Don't despair if recovery comes... and then goes.
  • Visualize being well.
  • Stop frightening myself with scary terminology. Know it but don't abuse it and beat myself up with it.
  • I will remember that a body has an amazing ability to adapt to physical changes.

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