Thursday, June 29, 2006

Show time!

Saturday morning E and I fly to New York City for eight days of theatre (11 shows). Our theatre schedule is:
- Pig Farm (July 1, 7:30 pm)
- Sweeney Todd (July 2, 2 pm)
- Jacques Brel is Alive and Well... (July 2, 7 pm)
- Spamalot (July 3, 8 pm)
- The History Boys (July 4, 8 pm)
- The Lieutenant of Inishmore (July 5, 2 pm)
- Faith Healer (July 5, 8 pm)
- The Color Purple (July 6, 8 pm)
- Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (July 7, 8 pm)
- Spring Awakening (July 8, 2 pm)
- Drowsy Chaperone (July 8, 8 pm)

See you in the aisle.


Anonymous said...

Wow. What a marathon! Please let us know what you thought of Spamalot!

GuyDads said...

We love theatre marathons. Last summer is was the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 7 days - 25 performances! A personal best.

Alan Fisher said...

stumbled across your blog from the story of the turtle...... just thought I'd say "hi".....

oh, and can I add..... SIX KIDS!!! What were you thinking! lol...


Shephard said...

Oh, you'll have a wonderful time!
Wish I was there... love that city.

Anonymous said...

Rather than a schedule, I'd call it a fabulous marathon (you run a lot, but you don't get tired at all.)
Congratulations on your relationship + marriage anniversary!
And then - last but not least (at all!) - six children! I'm speechless. I haven't the faintest idea of what it may feel like sitting around a table with six from your own blood... It must be... Well, I don't know. And yes, there's some scent of jealousy in these words, I confess...
Many happy returns for the day!
Be happy!

Anonymous said...

11 shows... I'm lucky if I can catch 1 a year.

Noticed you link to my blog and just wanted to say thanks! Enjoy your trip.

Anonymous said...

Holy Hell that a lot of theater at one time... I don't know if I could do

Brandon Vejseli said...

Wow. That is a lot of Theater! Good for you guys.

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