Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bonding in love, gay marriage

We just got back from an emotional, fun weekend in Cambria where our good friends had a marriage ceremony with about 120 friends and family. Same-sex weddings are so moving in every dimension. Most people have never been to one. Most do not know exactly how to approach them (as a jaunt, a party, something significant, etc.). Everyone then is totally blown away and moved to tears several times at the ceremony itself. The whole weekend was fantastic. We had out two youngest kids with us who are really close with the wedding couple's kids. My parents were invited, too and I think my mom's eyes were moist half of the time. We have become very good friends with the couple’s two mothers and dad. And we now know better their siblings, too. All in all, it was really a great weekend.

E wrote a beautiful wedding toast that we shared at the reception:

D and J, J and D --
Two beautiful men and souls, finding one another in life's maze,
Each looking for that missing piece to complete his whole,
Both finding a mate to launch a new future.

D and J, and their two kids --
Four peas learning to build their pod as a home together,
Each discovering the path to express uniqueness,
All balancing the others to launch a new family.

J and D, and the two kids,
Plus the three parents of J and D --
Seven forming a rainbow bright,
Each bringing special hues,
All bonding in love to launch a new clan.

J and D,
May we who have witnessed this marriage ceremony
Now toast to your love and your family,
And in doing so,
All commit to bring you years of friendship and support
As you go forward,
Together as One.


menonita said...

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Geoff said...

Just wanted to say I truly enjoy your blog, and am impressed at the courage it took to create your lives. Shalom.

Tapak said...

Thanks for sharing your life and bringing up children. It inspire lot of people. I added you to my blog roll.

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Anonymous said...

Guys - congrats to you both for living it real! - we are 2 gay dads in the south bay with 4 kids, and enjoy every moment - even though it's sometimes challenging...it's ALWAYS worth it!...keep it up guys.

Stu & Eddie

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post. Thanks!
Sandy & Mark

Anonymous said...

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