Monday, June 16, 2008

Fathers' Pride

We don’t post much about our kids activities here but Father’s Day weekend offered a time to reflect on some of the wonderful accomplishments each kid has made. All six have had a very successful spring.

There have been two college graduations. Oldest daughter, SJ, finished at Sonoma State University and is currently working at a city library. She has plans to get a Masters in Library Science.
Oldest daughter and boyfriend

Middle son, ER, graduated at University of California at Santa Cruz over the weekend. His plans include getting a teaching credential and becoming a grade school teacher for first through fourth grade. He also has done some catalogue modeling for a friends business.
Middle son and girlfriend Hoddie model

Oldest son, JR, is working at his second year law school internship at a large, international law firm. Part of the summer he is in San Francisco and part in Hong Kong. He recently celebrated his 25th birthday.
Oldest son at work

Another middle son, JR2, was recently promoted to front desk manager for a major hotel (2nd in command). He has received many awards, acknowledgements and recognitions for his customer service.
Another son at work

Youngest son, BAJ, finished grade school and starts junior high in the fall. He is a huge sports fan and loves to play baseball little league. Second base is his favorite position.
Giants fans

The youngest kid, LJ, recently turned nine. She loves collecting rubber ducks, reading books and creating art projects.
The two youngest at Father's Day lunch in Capitola


Dann said...

Like your blog.
Checkout mine, too!

David said...

I just found your blog. Wow!! ;)

I work as a law librarian in San Jose. If your eldest daughter needs an internship during library school I can likely arrange it. Send me an email at I attended SJSU and can recommend professors at the library program there. :)

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