Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Boycott Golfland - Big funders of Prop. 8

Attention miniature golf fans and arcade gamers. The family owners/management of Golfland Entertainment Centers were BIG donors to the “Yes on H8”. They contributed over $35,000 to take rights away from gays, lesbians and their families. The database of Prop. 8 contributions (http://www.sfgate.com/webdb/prop8/) list the following:
- Robert Kenney, Sunnyvale, CA, Golfland Entertainment, Vice President, $5,000
- Ms Louise Kenney, Sunnyvale, CA, retired, $5,060
- Daniel Kenney, Campbell, CA, Manager Golfland Entertainment, $300
- Jason Kenney, Sunnyvale, CA, Manager Golfland Entertainment, $99

By doing internet searching I discovered that Fred Kenney of Granite Bay, Calif., is listed as the company's president and chief executive. Interestingly, Cynthia Kenney, a homemaker, lives at the same address as Fred Kenney in Granite Bay. She gave a total of $25,100 to pass Prop. 8.

There are 9 Golfland Entertainment Centers throughout California and Arizona.
-- Golfland USA at Sunnyvale, CA
-- Golfland Emerald Hills at San Jose, CA
-- Golfland at Milpitas, CA
-- Golfland SunSplash at Roseville, CA
-- Golfland Golden Tee at Castro Valley, CA
-- Golfland Camelot at Anaheim, CA
-- Golfland Sunsplash at Mesa, AZ
-- Golfland Waterworld Safari at Phoenix, AZ
-- Golfland Big Surf at Tempe, AZ
Corporate headquarters: 1486 Enderby Way, Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Golfland will take anyone’s money and claim they are fun for the whole family. But they will use the profit to say YES to bigotry, YES to discrimination, and YES to second-class status for same-sex couples. Unknowingly, we took our children there for a day of fun this summer. I now feel like I’ve been stabbed in the back by Golfland. We will not return.

Please check the database to see if your accountant, insurance agent, realtor, dentist, or lawyer is on the list of supporters of “Yes on H8”. You might be surprised. Some of our friends were.

Notes about the Prop 8 database (http://www.sfgate.com/webdb/prop8/).
Anonymous gifts are not allowed. A campaign reform law requires that the giver provide their name, address, occupation and employer.
Political contributions are a matter of public record. They are reported to the government and are available to the general public. They are accessible from several sites on the intenet.
I have noticed the following ways some people try to obscure their contribution:
- Misspelling of their name, address or employer. Insuring the correct or consistent spelling of any of the required fields does not seem to be a limitation.
- Making the contribution under the name of a lesser know spouse or family member is common.
Political and campaign contributions are not tax deductible and cannot be counted as a charitable donation.
Contributions that don’t follow the reporting guidelines are returned.


GDad said...

This is obscene. These people obviously know that what they are doing is wrong, else they wouldn't go to such lengths to hid their contributions.

Since I live far from sunny CA, I'm not really in a position to boycott the local or regional businesses. Are there any noteworthy national companies we should be aware of?

Pauli Kohberger said...

I saw this from a few articles on gaming sites and blogs, like Insert Credit and auntie pixelante. Even though this doesn't affect me directly (not on the West Coast), it's still absolutely horrible. If I'd gone there and found out what my quarters were going towards, I'd have your exact same reaction. I hope this gets a big boycott going, it deserves one.

Anonymous said...

So what? People can't support traditional marriage anymore, without being persecuted?

The gay rights fascists are so crazed, I wouldn't want them to have my personal info either.

The people voted on the issue. Respect the outcome.

Anonymous said...

Golfland also has a board of directors (or it used to). One of the (perhaps former now - don't know if he's still on the board) members of the board donated $5,000 to the campaign. FYI, this guy and his friends donated several thousand dollars to pass Prop 22 as well.

Anonymous said...

This is hardly surprising. I had several friends who worked at the Camelot Golfland in Anaheim, and they told me that the family that owns the franchise was Mormon. As we all know Prop 8 was promulgated by Mormons and the Catholic church.

Monica said...

@ random homophobic Anonymous

I'm a straight girl. I support "traditional" marriage. I also support the right for my gay friends to get married. Allowing other people who care and love for each other to get married does not in the least bit detract from your hetero marriage.

I have a right to NOT let my hard-earned cash go towards people who will spend it on hate. I was horrified to find out the truth about Golfland today, and as much as it was fun I don't think I'd go back.

Anonymous said...

YOU are the Hypacrtites! No one else is allowed Freedom of Speach or Choice unless it's favorable to you! I happen to LOVE Golfland and my kids do too and we plan on going there often for FAMILY FUN, which by the way has nothing to do with GUY FUN. I agree with Tradtional Family values and I want to be able to have the freedom to choice THAT too!

GuyDads said...

One would think that this warped sense of righteousness where “traditional values” trumps equality and civil rights went out of fashion or at least underground when society no longer said it was cool to openly express hatred of Blacks and Jews. Another example of someone carefully taught to hate gays.

Anonymous said...

Homosexuality is a sin. Marriage is not meant for homosexuals. Get a civil union.'

Let children enjoy this playland innocently and without perversion.

Adam said...

I beg to disagree..Let's be open minded here ;)

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