Thursday, November 13, 2008

Family owners of A-1 Self Storage support discrimination

A-1 Self Storage Company is owned by Terry Caster. It is a family (third generation) run company. They have over 40 locations in California.

The Californians Against Hate blog reports:
“Mr. Caster and his family have contributed $693,000 to the Protect Marriage campaign. That makes the Casters the 2nd largest individual donors to Yes on Prop 8.

"This guy must really not like same-sex marriage," said Fred Karger, Campaign Manager of Californians Against Hate in his published blog in The Huffington Post. "Mr. Caster and many of his eight sons and daughters and their spouses have given a combined total of $693,000 to the Protect Marriage campaign between January and November 4, 2008."

If you stockpile your stuff in a rental storage facility and you believe in equality for all, be careful in choosing a company.

Bay Area locations of A-1 Self Storage where the profits go to YES to bigotry, YES to discrimination, and YES to second-class status for same-sex couples:
- 131 Baroni Ave., San Jose
- 3260 S. Bascom Ave, San Jose
- 2900 Monterey Rd , San Jose
- 1415 Old Oakland Rd., San Jose
- 1337 Old County Rd., Belmont
- 5296 Concord Blvd, Concord
- 301 High Street , Oakland-Alameda

Please check the database to see if your accountant, insurance agent, realtor, dentist, or lawyer is on the list of supporters of “Yes on H8”. You might be surprised. Some of our friends were.


Anonymous said...

I still don't know why some people are busy in hating other people. Instead they could just give that money to fund something more meaningful like food or shelter for the homeless. I think lots of people are happier with that than what they are doing now.

Got here while checking the a blog directory

Anonymous said...

There was millions more spent on the No on 8 campaign than for the Yes on 8 campaign, money that could have gone to those in need. Let's keep our facts straight friends.

Anonymous said...

So he and his family believe that marriage should remain between a man and a woman. That's THEIR belief and they can do whatever they want with their money. And they do put their money towards better things like donating over $3 million to charities and founding of Serving Hands International. What's the big deal? I'm pretty sure they are not the only one that wants to keep it that way so why are they the only ones that need bashing? Maybe if yall spent your time trying to get what yall want instead of focusing on boycotting the Casters' business, then maybe yall might get somewhere! Ever think of that??

public storage san diego said...

This is unfortunate. Let's hope the discrimination ends soon!

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