Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Supporters of Prop 8 in my Neighborhood

Defend EqualityI think this will be my last list of names. I am tired of going through the database.
This is a list of major individual supporters that contributed $5,000 and above that live within 30 miles up and down the SF peninsula. These are people who didn’t have better things to do with their money than to spend it to take legal rights away from gay and lesbian couples. These are neighbors that really disapproved of my marriage to my husband. They must have felt threatened by it. They were worried that somehow a recognition of my relationship would weaken theirs.

My reasons for researching and listing donors to the Yes on 8 are two fold. First, the Yes people tried to blackmail and shake down..."out" major donors that supported the No campaign. But more importantly, the Yes on 8 campaign was all about trying to instill public fear and hatred of gays and lesbians. The campaign collected and spent millions of dollars to get this message out. These donors help bankroll a despicable campaign of lies, misinformation and fear mongering. They deceived the public that same-sex marriage would hurt children and punish churches.
In the not so distant past, you could make similar fear mongering statements openly about Jews or Blacks and other minorities. One could openly support causes that were hostile to these minority groups. Today it is no longer publicly acceptable or tolerable. You keep your bigoted beliefs to yourself. Gays are the only group you can bash in public and get away with it. It is time for that to stop. One way is to shame these people in public so they don’t do it again.

Their donations to Yes on 8/Protectmarriage.com are political contributions. They are a matter of public record. The State of California makes the information available to anyone. You can look up yourself and see how much we donated to the No on 8 cause. Political contributions are not tax deductible. They are not like gifts you make to a church or charity. You can not write it off on your taxes. Anonymous gifts are not allowed. Campaign reform laws require that the giver provide their name, address, occupation and employer. If they don’t comply, the gift should be returned.

Rose Adams, San Jose, CA, Self-Employed, Quilter, $5,000
Loretta R. Allred, Atherton, CA, Allerd Investors, $50,000
Larry Arnett, Morgan Hill, CA, Space Systems, Engineer, $5,000
Lynette Atkisson, San Francisco, CA, $5,000
Blaine Bowman, Saratoga, CA $10,000
Kristin W. Bowman, Saratoga, CA, $4,950
Michael R. Brand, Palo Alto, CA, Executive VP & Partner, Cornish & Carey Commercial, $15,000 
Philip Carmack, Santa Clara, CA, Nvidia Corp, Senior VP $10,000
Brooke Carmack, Santa Clara, CA, homemaker, $15,000
Jeffrey Christian, Morgan Hill, CA, Phoenix Deventures, Engineer, $5,000
John Crawford, Saratoga, CA, Intel, Computer Architect, $5,000
Lloyd Dickson, Sunnyvale, CA, $5,000
Kenneth Eldred, Portola Valley, CA, CEO of Living Stones Foundation, $25,000
ETS & Associates, Gilroy, CA, $5,000
Daniel Faulk, Morgan Hill, CA, Director and CPA at Crawford, Pimental & Co, $5,000
Cynthia J. Goodsell, Los Gatos, CA, Account Ability, CPA, $5,000
Lee D. Green, San Jose, CA, K-Swiss, Inc., Attorney, $5,000
Hardester Family Partnership, Investments, San Jose, CA $22,500
Edward Helvey, Gilroy, CA, NMHCS, Executive $25,000
Merrill Higham, Belmont, CA, Higham, Richards & Vranes, CPA, $5,000
Richard L. Holbrook, Foster City, CA, Holbrook Global Investors, Investment Advisor, $5,000
Joy N. Hulme, Monte Sereno, CA, Children’s book author, $9,677
Lorraine S. Hulme, Los Gatos, CA $9,977
Laurel C. Hulme, Los Gatos, CA, $4,950
Richard A. Hunter, San Jose, CA, $5,000
Betsy Johnson, Mountain View, CA, $5,000
Kurt D. Johnson, Redwood City, CA, $5,000
Teri L. Jones, Saratoga, CA $24,500
Robert Kenney, Sunnyvale, CA, Golfland Entertainment, VP, $5,000
Ms Louise Kenney, Sunnyvale, CA, $5,060
Brent R. Knudson, Los Gatos, CA, PLGA, Investor, $5,000
Gene Lamoreaux, Sunnyvale, CA, KLA-Tencor Corp., Engineer $8,000
Susan Lathrop, Fremont, CA $9,900
David Lee, Sunnyvale, CA, Netapp, Manager IT Service, $5,000
Ronald K. Lindsay, San Carlos, CA, Lindsay Properties, LLC, Real Estate Developer, $5,000
Parley J. Livingston, Atherton, CA PJMB Commercial, Property Management, $25,000
Sandra Loesch, Gilroy, CA $35,000
Randal Mack, San Jose, CA, Mohler, Nixon & Williams, Accountant, $5,000
Jeffrey Marr, San Jose, CA, Cisco Systems, Engineer, $5,000
R. Dean Merkley, Santa Clara, CA, D & K Real Estate, Realtor, $5,000
Joseph Moran, Los Altos, CA, $100,000
Alan L. Olsen, Fremont, CA, Managing Partner, Greenstein, Rogoff, Olsen & Co., $25,000
Ronald Packard, Los Altos, CA, Packard, Packard & Johnson, Attorney, $5,000
Robert W. Peterson, San Jose, CA, Bank of America, Executive, $5,000
Charles Pope, Santa Cruz, CA, Seagate Technology, Financial Executive, $5,000
Gloria P. Pope, Santa Cruz, CA, $5,000
Douglas B. Quist, Sunnyvale, CA, Nvidia, Director of I.T. $5,000
Anita S. Roundy, Saratoga, CA $25,000
Judy Salmon, Palo Alto, CA, Palo Alto Unified School District, Teacher, $5,000
Nancy L. Saunders, Los Altos, CA, Netapp, HR Operations $30,000
Cheryl D. Smith, Saratoga, CA $25,000
Bob Sundstrom, San Jose, CA, Intuitive Surgical, Director $30,000
Michele C. Sundstrom, San Jose, CA, $5,000
Kenneth I. Talbot, Sunnyvale, CA, Northrop Grumman, $5,000
Jeffrey Wise, Atherton, Pro Solutions Inc, Menlo Park, $9,900
Jack R. Wheatley, Palo Alto, CA $25,000
J. Robert Wheatley, Palo Alto, CA, Robert Wheatley Properties, Property Manager $19,000
Robert Wheatley, Los Altos Hills, CA, Robert Wheatley Properties, Manager
Lisa Wheatley, Los Altos Hills, CA $6,000
David J. Wilson, Morgan Hill, CA, CTS Advantage, Owner, $5,000
Jaquetia Zinn, San Jose, CA $25,000

Links to databases

One last time, don’t forget to check the database (http://www.sfgate.com/webdb/prop8/) to see if your accountant, insurance agent, realtor, dentist, or lawyer is one of the homophobic supporters of “Yes on 8”. The religious and social conservatives have been calling gay rights and same-sex marriage a cultural war for years. We can no longer remain quiet or placid.
"I swore to never be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim; silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented." --Elie Wiesel


Fiona said...

Hi, I just got to your blog today (I'm so desperately searching for parenting blogs that are not focused on religion), and I can't believe this list. What a blow to see someone from NVIDIA. We own stock in that company.

Perhaps I should say, "owned."

Great blog. I RSS'd it earlier today.

Robjn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robjn said...

Apprently Quist's wife gave $45K and he gave $5K so a total of 50K

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this information! The full list is available at http://www.californiansagainsthate.com/dishonorRoll.html

Tim and Louie said...

Thanks for posting this list!

I know what brand of video card I will NOT be buying next, Nvidia!

- Louie

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