Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mid-February Health Recap

Earlier this week (the day after my birthday), Ed was once again under general anesthesia for about 1.5 hours. Back home the same day, he is feeling a bit 'beat-up' and sore like he had done way too many leg squats. But, the real result is that our surgeon truly believes the final healing can now occur over the next month.
The surgeon reported to me after the surgical procedure lots of pleasure in what he had seen and done. The opening in his lower colon is for sure only a slit at this point, and there was no sign of any lingering infection. He did confirm what he had suspected previously: 'grainy' tissue had developed around the area and was probably making it harder for the final closure to seal and heal. He scraped this tissue away (remember Ed was totally out, which was a good thing). He then brought the colon lip over the muscle below and sewed several temporary stitches. Hopefully, by the time they dissolve in the next month, there will be no more open slit and instead, a firm melding.
So, new predicted time of the final surgery is now sometime between the Giants Opening Day and Tax Day (or early to mid April). In the meantime, Ed will continue his daily hour-plus walks and maintenance of his overall health and healing. (And our gay men’s seder is back on!)
If all goes as planned, you will not hear another surgical update about Ed’s colon from us again until April, when hopefully I can be sending the final couple of messages. We are totally grateful to all of you and also so aware that this journey has been overall shorter and so much easier than what many people with cancer must go through. But, it is a journey for us of learning and life; and its happy result has included so many of you now knowing for sure that your colon is cancer-free!
To all our friends Back East, we wish you some sunshine and slow melting to minimize flooding. To everyone, you are our special Valentines this year.
Also, Gung Hay Fat Choy!


Mark said...

Just new to your Blog. I hope for you the very best.
Take care, Mark

raulito said...

Just hurry up and heal...feel better, get well.

Jen said...

Please get better fast.
While you are healing- check out our site devoted to non tradtional families called goodkin (

Esther said...

Glad things are going so well. Lots of love to you both.

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