Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Confession for Rob Lowe

The ever hunky and sexy Rob Lowe, 47, is promoting his new book in Vanity Fair. His new book is called "Stories I Only Tell My Friends: An Autobiography". Despite spending a long, male-bonding weekend together, I don't think I rate a mention in his book. To bad. But you can read about it here: My weekend with Rob Lowe.
Rob Lowe Confesses in Vanity Fair

Friday, March 25, 2011

Learning Geek Meditation

This cartoon has been around for a while, but I just saw it on Facebook last night. Ohm...
Unfortunately my preference when stressed is to eat. I accept cookies and download Java.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Keep your High-Tech on the Down-Low

Be careful flashing your iPhoneSunday we had a close call. We came very close to being mugged and robbed. So a word to wise: Be cautious when using your iPhone on the street.

It was late afternoon and we were looking for a restaurant to eat at before going to see a play at Berkeley Repertory Theatre. We stopped in front of a storefront on Shattuck Ave. in Berkeley, CA. The sidewalk was busy with pedestrians walking past. E paused under a tree and pulled out his iPhone to open one of his apps to try to find the name of restaurant we had been to before.

Scene of the crimeSuddenly, a young man grabs his arm, almost knocks him down, and goes for his iPhone. The phone drops and slides on sidewalk. Both E and the thief grab it, struggle, and E wins (all the time screaming 'THIEF'.) People nearby barely look.

Fortunately my husband is okay. He was a bit shaken but at least he didn't get stabbed or hurt as some folks are. It was so sudden. We were stunned that no one on a very crowded street hardly paused or turned a head, even as we ran after him shouting. Luckily E’s iPhone still works!

Our friend Mike reminds all; “As a PSA to everyone, you should turn on "Find my iPhone" on your i-devices to track them if they are stolen. It's a free service as of this past year, and you can track the device from any computer by just going to me.com. You can also remote wipe them too."

Our daughter advises: “Also, be careful on public transit too, especially when you are pulling up to a stop.”

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Vintage ads for gay computer hobbyists and geeks

I must be a dork. I spent almost an hour looking through Google Images one day viewing “Vintage Computer Ads”. I was surprised to find how many featured sexy men. Who knew there was a homoerotic side to computer/software selling? Take a look.

Apple's two dudes on a rainbow and Adam (where's Steve?) in the Garden.

Guys catching rays with their sexy toys at the pool or beach. Ladies keep back!

More guys with tech power at the kitchen table or on the run.

Pornstache techie and the cast of M*A*S*H

Sexy pitchmen Roger Moore and Bill Bixby

IBM solutions for dads and sons.

Men and their electric dreams

All men love diddling with their knobs

Bill Gates, the sexy, geeky pitchman.

Beaming down William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy.

Men at work with machines

THINK men.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Gay Caribbean Cruise – RSVP’s 25th Anniversary

RSVP's Gay Caribbean Cruise Feb 2011We celebrated E’s significant birthday and a romantic Valentine’s Day by taking a gay cruise with RSVP Vacations. We sailed on Holland America's newest ship– the Nieuw Amsterdam– for seven days through the Western Caribbean. The cruise set sail from Ft. Lauderdale and included the ports Costa Maya, Puerto Cortez, Roatan and Cozumel. The first and last days were at sea.

RSVP's Gay Caribbean Cruise Feb 2011This was the first time we’ve been on a larger gay cruise. It was a blast to spend the week in the We are ready to sailcompany of 2100 other gay men. In the past, we have done 3 smaller cruises. (Read previous cruise trips here: 1, 2, 3) We both feel that unless there is a compelling reason, it is highly unlikely we would do a straight cruise.

We found the gay cruise to be relaxing, entertaining, fun and completely enjoyable. In fact, we signed up to do the RSVP cruise the same week next year when sails a different itinerary in the Eastern Caribbean.
We are ready to dance all nightWe chose early on not to do any of the shore excursions. Our plan was to relax around the ship’s pool reading trashy gay novels and looking at guys during the day. Late afternoons and evenings would be spent going to the many dances and entertainment shows.

What do you do on a cruise? Eat, drink and catch the rays.Others on board choose to do the daytime excursions that included touring Mayan ruins, snorkeling, scuba diving, nature hikes, zip-line adventure trips and beach outings. Other options on the ship included a day spa, workout gym, computer lab, private cabanas, culinary arts center, piano bar and shops and casino (when at sea). There was much to choose from.

E posing with Debbie Gibson's dancers.The entertainers that RSVP Vacations brought on the cruise were outstanding. The headline act was Debbie Gibson. To be honest, we were not familiar with her late 80’s/early 90’s hits or career but she won us over with a dynamite show of her pop hits and Broadway covers. The three male backup dancers she brought were also a sensation. They socialized with everyone on the ship for the rest of the week. Other entertainers we enjoyed were lesbian comic Sabrina Matthews, two comic hosts: Danny Williams and Paul J. Williams, club/dance and cabaret singer Pamela Stanley, Chicago cabaret team of Amy Armstrong and Freddy Allen and NYC favorites Michael Holland & Karen Mack (aka Gashole).

A toast to a wonderful cruiseRSVP hosted 10 parties and events. We participated and attended most of them. The fun started with a Bon Voyage Party where all wore a T-Shirt from one’s hometown. Throughout the week there were different themed afternoon tea dances and late night dances: 80’s Let’s Get Physical T-dance, Boxers or Briefs RSVP's Gay Caribbean Cruise Feb 2011Underwear party, anything goes costume dance party, bear dance party, leather/uniform party, and an orange colored outfit theme party. For these dances, we packed outfits we put together prior to the cruise. While our outfits were appropriate and simple, others brought the most elaborate and detailed costumes imaginable. Additional events that we didn’t participate in included: a drag swimsuit pageant, “The Sound of Music” Sing-a-Long, and country dancing lessons.

The late night bear danceGay cruises are a great way to feel part of a diverse community. Next year we hope we can talk some of our local friend to travel with us and meet our cruising buddies.Dressed for the costume party as Seamen
Great music on the cruise
RSVP's Gay Caribbean Cruise Feb 2011
A kiss at the Leather Party
On the Beach
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