Thursday, June 30, 2011

Running hazards

Yield the right-of-way
Two interesting animals I have met running after work in the Stanford foothills. Last week I leapt over two three-foot long snakes. Yesterday I met a coyote coming down the hill as I was running up. After starring at each other of several moments he dashed to the side and tore apart a squirrel. Just your typical Silicon Valley wildlife.

A list of wildlife I have seen while running: Here

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SF Gay Men’s Chorus: June 17-18, 2011

If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area this weekend (Friday, 6/17 and Saturday, 6/18) it isn’t to late to get tickets to the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus concert called “Hootenanny!” It is performing at Morgan Auditorium, 491 Post Street near Union Square in San Francisco. My very talented husband, E, is performing in it with over 200 other men.

My husband describes the show as: “Thanks to those who have bought tickets, but now is the time to act for those who have been waiting or thinking, "Why would I go all the way to SF to a show called "Hootenanny." Well, I can tell you why:

--> To laugh like you have not laughed in a long, long time as we progress through 7 hilarious scenes with numbers like "There'll be no bad hair days in heaven" -- sung right in the middle of a southern hair salon -- or a scene of 49er gold miners watching their first-ever opera in the 1850s.

--> Be inspired by glorious new arrangements of such American standards as "Home on the Range" (I'm not kidding -- the arrangement is stunning) and "Oh What a Beautiful Morning."

--> Hear cute, cute, cute guests like the up and coming gay composer Shawn Kirchner and his partner Ryan Harrison sing with the Chorus from their new CD of songs based on "Broke Back Mountain." And here is a short video just to show you how cute and talented they are:

--> And if you are not yet convinced, watch this short commercial of some of the other hot guys you will see on stage during the show:


Get your tickets today to one of the three concerts for next weekend, tickets starting at a very reasonable $15.

Tickets at

Thanks. See you at the show!

(And this is a GREAT show to bring your family to. We are bringing kids and parents.)

Monday, June 13, 2011

The gayest Tony Awards: a preview for NYC trip

Both E and I loved watching the Tony Awards this year. Neil Patrick Harris did an outstanding job. The show was well paced with excellent production numbers.
It was a great preview of many of the shows we are going to see next month on our annual NYC Broadway trip. This year it is nine days and 14 shows.

Sat., July 2: "Sister Act" musical
Sat., July 2: "Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo" drama
Sun., July 3: "Unnatural Acts" drama
Sun., July 3: "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" musical
Mon. July 4: "Sleep No More" drama
Tues., July 5: "Catch Me If You Can" musical
Wed., July 6: "Anything Goes" musical
Wed., July 6: "War Horse" drama
Thurs., July 7: "Book of Mormon" musical
Fri., July 8: "Death Takes a Holiday" drama
Sat., July 9: "Jerusalem" drama
Sat., July 9: "The Mother F***er in a Hat" drama
Sun, July 10: "How to Succeed In Business without Really Trying" musical
Sun., July 10: "The Normal Heart" drama

If you didn’t see the Tony Awards here are two videos to give a taste fo the show. The first is NPH’s opening number. The second is a number he does with previous host Hugh Jackman.

Broadway is not for gays anymore:

Hugh Jackman and NPH:
Song and dance men: Hugh Jackman and Neil Patrick Harris

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Cold, wet butts

The weather here in Northern California has been unseasonably cold and wet. Even the Rodin statues at Stanford University's Rodin Sculpture Garden were chilled and shivering.
Click on to enlarge. It's fun.
This threesome is called "The Three Shades" by Auguste Rodin. It consists of three figures of Adam juxtaposed at slightly different angles.
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