Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Rob Lowe Redux

This week my celebrity buddy, Rob Lowe, was all over my FaceBook and blogosphere feed. He was showing off is hunky, handsome, shirtless body.  As a 51-year old father, he truly rocks the Dad Bod look to the max.

I only met Rob Lowe once back in the early ‘90s. You can read about it here. And yet another entry here. I have found him to be a fascinating, talented actor and have enjoyed his movies and TV shows. He is also an author of two autobiographical books.

I don’t want to brag but I’ve discovered that several rare pictures of me shirtless from my Flickr account have been used in a number of blog and news stories about the “Dad Bod” meme craze that started a few months ago. Interestingly they have used photos of me from my 20’s through my 50’s. One even calls me the classic Dad body. Whoo-hoo. Someone get this daddy a latte.
Pic of me hiking in Scotland in summer 2011

Pic taken in 1985. I'm in my mid-20s.

Pic on right taken in 2014. I'm on chemotherapy for stage 4 cancer.

Cropped pic from 2014. Bloated from the chemo drugs.
If you click on the pictures you can see a larger copy. Embiggen all the images!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Artistic Dad and Husband

I have always been attracted to artistic and creative people. My husband is no exception. In his youth, Eddie was very creative and artistic. He could have been a singer, dancer, actor, stage performer, poet, writer, and even a party planner. He did spend a major part of his youth singing. It was a passion he carried through college. But once he started his career, got married, had kids, got involved in a number of non-profit boards, music took a back seat.  Luckily, thirty years later he came back to it. Four and a half years ago he decided to audition for the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus, the oldest and one of the most prestigious gay choruses in the nation. He had to prepare a solo and present it in front of the audition committee. He made the cut. The chorus took about half of the men who audition. He has been performing with them ever since. I love watching him sing on stage. He has such focus and intensity when he sings. It is not an easy gig. They have a 3-hour rehearsal every Monday night, plus sectionals and retreats throughout the year. All the music has to be memorized and they have to learn choreography that goes along with performance.

His newest artistic passion is writing reviews of the plays and musicals we see. It began in January when I set up a blog for him to post reviews (http://theatreeddys.blogspot.com). The theatre community noticed the reviews and he was asked to join the San Francisco Bay Area Critic Circle. The purpose of the SFBATCC is to promote and serve theatre of all types and sizes throughout the nine Bay Area counties. Then about a month later he was ask by a national theatre (http://www.talkinbroadway.com/regional/sanfran/) site to be the primary reviewer of South Bay theatre. And then most recently, he was accepted as a member of American Theatre Critics Association.
Update: He has now no longer just a reviewer for the San Francisco Bay Area at Talkin' Broadway, he is the primary reviewer for the new section San Jose/Silicon Valley at http://www.talkinbroadway.com/regional/sanjose/.

Eddie’s reviews are very supportive of theatre and promote the notion of going out and attending a live performance.  He wants to excite the reader to be motivated to go see a show. He also presents an audience viewpoint of the various elements of the show: acting, sets, direction, music, etc. He then offers a critical analysis where the production excels or falls flat.

Personally, I enjoy it when he reads his drafts to me and we discuss the finer points of the production. We both have a great love and passion for theatre.
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