Wednesday, February 27, 2008

2 Gay Netflix videos

We recently saw two outstanding videos. Neither title we recognized before renting it. Both films are very different “coming out” stories. “Rock Haven” is the story of very religious, “born again”, young man coming to terms with his sexuality and navigating his first gay relationship. It is filmed around Bodega Bay, north of San Francisco. The other film, “Outing Riley”, is the story of a 30-something man coming out to his three adult brothers. It is also beautifully filmed around Chicago. Both films have a lot of humor. “Outing Riley” is especially funny in an early Woody Allen type of vain.

The Netflix film descriptions:
Rock HavenRock Haven” (2007) When the religiously devout Brady (Sean Hoagland) moves to a new town with his mother (Laura Jane Coles) and begins spending time with his handsome neighbor, Clifford (Owen Alabado), their mutual attraction forces Brady to confront his true desires. But with Brady about to enter a religious college, he finds that his plans for the immediate future stand in direct contrast to his emerging sexuality.

Outing RileyOuting Riley” (2004) Bobby Riley (writer-director Pete Jones) is finally ready to come out to his conservative Catholic family and stop pretending that his best lesbian pal is his girlfriend. But it turns out he's not the only one harboring a secret. When Bobby announces to his three disbelieving brothers that he's actually in love with a man, that revelation turns out to be just a sample of the smorgasbord of surprises members of the clan have long been hiding.

I was going to link directly to the videos on the Netflix site but they are not interested in having GuyDads as an affiliate. They turned me down. Maybe my blog is too gay for them. Maybe they didn’t like when I complained several years ago that some of the reviews posted were homophobic. Nevertheless, we have been a member of Netflix for 5 years. We love their service because it is convenient and reasonably priced. They have a great selection of gay themed movies. In fact, one of their 20 types of searchable movie genres is “gay and lesbian”.


Jeff said...

Thanks for the recommendations. Will check them out!

GDad said...

Sounds like a hoot! If Son goes to a friend's house tonight, we might be able to watch one of these.

chriswiegand said...

I had just added the first to my Netflix queue this morning, and I have the second in front of me now - great movie.

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