Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Underwear Review: Rounderwear

I guess I can now be considered to be a real gay blogger. I have started to receive pitches for stories and promotions. A recent promotion pitch caught my eye. I was offered a free pair of fancy underwear if I wrote a blog review of it. I couldn’t turn it down. You can ask my husband, he will insist that I have an underwear-buying fetish. I insist that I don’t own that many pairs of briefs.

A couple weeks ago I received a pair of Jam Jeans Trunk Blue underwear from Rounderwear. http://rounderwear.com
I had not heard of this brand of underwear before. They have been around for a number of years and it appears they are doing a social media push. Quite a few other blogging sites have already reviewed them.

Rounderwear offers a variety of styles and shapes in a multitude of color and patterned fabrics. They also offer several types of underwear that will enhance your appearance with padded, lift and package technology.  I didn’t go for this any of these cutting-edge, patented design enhancements. I was interested in a fun pair of boxer briefs. Since blue is my favorite color, I thought the pair that is inspired by denim looked the most interesting. My husband would say the picture of the hot model swayed me. Maybe that too. He is a young, sexy looking man. Will the underwear look just as good on a middle-age man with a little extra?

The review: While I liked the light blue color, it didn’t remind me of denim or stone/acid washed jeans once I took it out of the attractive box. It just looked blue. I have come to appreciate a contoured pouch that many new underwear brands now feature. I like the support it offers without feeling like everything is being squished. I ordered a Medium, which seems a little snug for me. Otherwise I liked the fit. Sizing is always a hit or miss with a new brand. Some underwear brands fit me perfect in a Medium size, while others require a Large. I could not find any sizing information on their website to help guide me on choosing the correct size. If I order another Rounderwear item, I will try a Large size next time.

Real Man Underwear Model
I imagine the marketing and promotions people at Rounderwear are going to be appalled and dismayed to see that an average, middle-age dad with hair and scars on his body is modeling their designer brand. In other words, here is what a regular guy, not a fashion model, would look like in fancy, fashion briefs. Oh well, gotta love the intimacy of social media.

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