Thursday, April 14, 2005

Wedding update #2

One hundred forty-four invitations are in the mail. Monday we got them back from the calligrapher and spent the evening assembling, checking stamping and sealing them. E took them to the post office Tuesday. The invitation is the “Two Tuxes” design is from Mailing the invitations for our wedding has been a very nerve wracking experience. Up until now it has been just a planning exercise. Now it is a commitment that 250 people know about.
Other items checked off our list include deciding and buying the wedding rings and the wedding cake selection. Last Saturday, E and I and my two young kids tasted seven cakes. We chose a rich sour cream chocolate cake with a cream cheese frosting that is flavored with a touch of rum and vanilla and finished with chopped chocolate on the edge. Wednesday, I ordered two grooms to put on top of the cake from an internet site called
We also found a florist. In addition to flowers, the florist will create unique table decorations for each table at the reception dinner. The theme for each table will be a musical or play.
Still to do…
Two more pre-martial counseling meetings with the Rabbi. Tasting and selecting the wine and champagne. Finalizing the dinner menu. Picking out our tuxes for the wedding.


Will said...

The cake sounds fantastic. Fritz and I had a good one also--done by
a close friend and gourmet chef. All the gay wedding cakes I've had have been several notches above the taste-free white cakes at most straight weddings.

Great news, guys--I'm looking forward to hearing about THE day.

Colin said...

What kind of stamps will you using to mail the invitations? Love stamps or another type?

Another gay dad said...

Invites were mailed with "Spring Flowers" commemorative series (Iris, Tuplip, Daffodil, Hyacinth). Reply card had the "Love" stamp.

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