Wednesday, November 16, 2005

You don’t have to dress up for opera

We haven’t worn our tuxes to the opera yet. Usually we are attired in slacks and a sweater or dress shirt and jacket. We did wear our penguin suits to a party last month for the Horizons Foundation Gala. Two sophisticated gay fathers

We have been to the opera a couple times this month as well as to several plays. Here is a quick recap:

The opera Norma by Vincenzo Bellini. Strange story but beautiful singing by Catherine Naglestad who played Norma. The story takes place in ancient Gaul. Norma is a Druid high priestess who has been shacking up with the Druids sworn enemy, a Roman general. In fact, she has two kids by him. But now the general is shagging her assistant and Norma is pissed. Much operatic melodrama ensues. Ugly set. Ancient Gaul looks like the lumber aisle at Home Depot after a long weekend.

The Force of Destiny by Giuseppe Verdi. The most enjoyable thing about this opera was the strong male singing, especially Vladimir Kuzmenko. The story begins when the boyfriend accidentally kills his girlfriend’s father when he drops his gun on the floor and it goes off. You are then fated to sit there for almost 4 hours for the tragic story to conclude.

Terrence McNally's new play, Crucifixion premiered at New Conservatory Theatre Center. It is a gay murder mystery involving Catholic priests. The mystery itself isn’t all that interesting but the naked actors make for an enjoyable performance.

Miss Liberty is a rarely produced musical by Irving Berlin. This musical is about finding the woman who modeled for the Statute of Liberty and making a celebrity of her. A problem ensues when they discover that they found the wrong woman. We always enjoy going to 42nd Street Moon to see obscure and lost musicals. They always do a staged concert production. There are no sets and minimal props. But there are some costumes and choreography.

Next up…Fidelio, Beethoven’s only opera. We see it Saturday.


Houston said...

We finally are seeing the same thing at the same time! What fun. I'm sitting in the Dress Circle (C9). Want to meet for dinner or cocktails before? Let me know. (four-one-five, six-three-seven, eight-seven three-seven)

Blast said...

now there's a cute couple

greekgaylolita said...

Nice photo:)

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