Thursday, March 02, 2006

Best gay cruise

The cruise was so romantic and restful. 118 passengers and a crew of 90 sailed along the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Being a small cruise ship we were able to visit small towns and beaches. We didn’t sign up for any of the official excursions such as beach horseback riding, mangrove boat cruise, or zip line canopy tour. Nevertheless we had a great time on shore. We snorkeled in the warm tropic waters and saw thousands of fish such as Parrot, Trigger, Sergeant Major, and Puffer fish. We also did a couple of hikes in the rainforest and saw White-faced monkeys, large iguanas, and Scarlet Macaws.

TravelPride, the company that charted the gay cruise added many wonderful touches to the whole experience. They brought their own DJ, photographer (we were not hit up to buy photographs during the cruise), and nightly entertainment. Each evening there was a different theme party or tea dance. There were two drag performers (Cashetta and Varla Jean Merman) and a very good piano bar/disco diva singer, Pamala Stanley. There was always a nice gay themed movie playing on the ship’s TV system and gift on the bed from TravelPride each evening (T-shirt, cap, beach bag, etc.). We made many new friends and had a great time socializing with everyone. By the last day, many of us onboard felt sad like the final day of summer camp. E and several other guys who have been on many cruises before, said this was the best.

The company has two cruises currently charted for the future. They are the Italian Riviera for the first week of August 2006 and in July 2007, a Scandinavian and Russian cruise. The second cruise is a possibility but it is too soon to commit.

Our next vacation is scheduled for this July 4th week in New York City. The goal is to see as much theatre as possible.

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Jere said...

A noble goal indeed. Drop me a line when you're in town and maybe we can meet up for a drink.

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