Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Disgusted with Macys

My letter to Macys sent to over a dozen key corporate people. The store pulled the mannequins when wingnuts complained that they were gay and offensive. See details and comments at Towleroad (

Dear Macys:

I am appalled and disappointed to see that Macys feels
that it is important to kowtow to religious bigots and
hate mongers. (Macys removes gay mannequins from
Boston Pride window display.) I don’t understand why
Macys believes that giving in to gay bashers is a
benefit to the community.

Would you honor the requests of community wackos that
attacked and question the legitimacy of
African-Americans, Asians, or Hispanics? Would you do
the same for writers making anti-Semitic or racist

Will you next be removing Black mannequins? Mannequins
with foreign undocumented features? Single unwed women
mannequins with mannequin children?

I expect a higher standard of Macys than pandering to
the cowardly demands of small minded people.

Ed J----


DanNation said...

When wingnuts protest mannequins is there anything they won't demand? I can't believe that Macy's caved on this...

Shephard said...

Cowardly is right. I bet the Macy's in NYC wouldn't have done that.

Another good letter. I always feel encouraged when I see people speaking up.

Kahil said...

That is rediculous. Why didn't they just put different mannequins up there that didn't have "enlarged breasts" and just drape the flag over a shoulder or something. Ughhh...

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