Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Eating tickets & consuming dinners

Last week was the week between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. It was a very busy and scattered week. We had tickets to two plays that we missed. We were going to see a local community theatre production of “Tick, Tick…Boom” by Jonathan Larson (of “Rent” fame) but we forgot to check the start time of the show and assumed it was an 8 pm. It was not. We didn’t even bother to go in late. We turned the car around in the parking lot and went home and watched a DVD instead. The second show we knew we had a conflict but we had season tickets to the best gay theatre in San Francisco and we could exchange them for another time. But we never got around to do the exchange and didn’t remember it until we arrived at the other event (a benefit mentioned below). We also had tickets to several Giants baseball games that we chose not to use. We skipped one game and gave tickets away to another game. No one likes to buy tickets to a losing team or even attend them.

Fortunately, our ticket losses were offset with some wonderful dinners.
  • Close friends had us over for Erev Rosh Hashana dinner (Fri., 9/22).
  • We went out to lunch after Saturday morning services to Max's Opera Cafe with a friend and then attended a fun Rosh Hashana party later that evening.
  • On Sunday, four of the friends that we had down to our beach house last month treated us to a wonderful Peruvian dinner at a restaurant in San Francisco (Fresca on 24th). It features nouveau Peruvian cuisine and Pisco Sours almost as good as E’s.
  • Thursday night we took my parents out to dinner at Café Neibaum-Coppola in Palo Alto. The restaurant is modeled after Francis Ford Coppola’s wine tasting room in Napa and features great Italian and other Mediterranean dishes.
  • Saturday, instead of seeing the play we had season tickets for, we attended Horizons Foundation annual gala. The foundation is a philanthropic social justice organization serving the GLBT community in the SF Bay Area. They threw a great party. We dressed in our tuxes, eat yummy food and watched the very cute Spencer Day perform.
  • This last Sunday we hosted an Erev Yom Kippur dinner for friends.
  • Finally, Monday we broke our Yom Kippur fast with dinner at Scott’s Seafood in Palo Alto.

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Alan Bennett Ilagan said...

Sometimes dinner with friends is better than any night at the theater. Hope you enjoyed! - A.

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