Monday, November 27, 2006

Family holiday

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with all six kids and several guests. E made a bountiful, kid-friendly turkey dinner for 10 with plenty of leftovers. This was the first time since our wedding that all the kids were together. The older kids are always doing something somewhere. It made for a very special day for us to have them all here. The four oldest kids are in college and the two youngest are in grade school.
Thanksgiving 2006
Thanksgiving 2006
The rest of the holiday weekend was quite a jumble of activities. We attended a friend’s Bat Mitzvah and party, made a couple trips to the family beach house to pack and move stuff. The house has been sold and we need to be out by mid-December.


Dana said...

Wow! That house is beautiful! And you sold it? Why oh why? I suppose it's a big investment, I can understand that! I'd never be able to afford that in my lifetime!

Doug K said...

What a beautiful family you have!

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