Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pride recap

We had a great and exhausting Pride weekend. We took the CalTrain into San Francisco and walked to the apartment on Market Street (30 minute walk with luggage). We then walked back almost all the way to the train station to a neighborhood bar where we attended a party of about 30-40 gay bloggers from the Bay Area and around the country. It was organized by DanNation. This was our first group blogger get-together we have attended. It was a lot of fun and we met some really interesting people. At 9:30, we hustled off to a really edgy, hole-in-wall sushi restaurant with our friends T. and S. for a 10 p.m. dinner. Initially we were a little apprehensive about going (sushi, edgy, hole-in-wall...2 out of 3 were not descriptors we normally like), but the place and the food were fantastic. (On Taylor, between Sutter and Post). We then walked down to the EndUp (our new, favorite club) with them for dancing until almost 4a.m. The crowd there was very diverse (gays of every color, shape, and size; lesbians--which is unusual in SF to be at the same club as gays; and enough hetero couples to be interesting but not obnoxious).

Saturday afternoon we saw the Giants beat the Yankees in 13 long innings with friends M. and M. (who were of course pulling for the Yankees along with about a third of the crowd). After changing clothes and washing the sunscreen off, we then had dinner at Fog City Diner (one of our very favorite places). We walked across the street at 8:30 to Pier 27 for the large and very fun dance party called Queen, sponsored by the radio station 92.7. We danced until it closed at 2am. Unfortunately, there was not a taxi to be found. So, like hundreds of others, we started walking down the Embarcadero to Market Street to home.

We were up early the next morning to get a place on the curb to watch the parade. This was the first time in five years we did not march. Previous years we had an enjoyable time marching with our youngest kids. The parade was a long, long affair (3 hours, 40 minutes), but fun. We changed outfits again and then went to the HUGE Pride festival covering many blocks around the Civic Plaza. At 6 we came back, changed yet again and were going to our 3rd dance of the weekend. However, my ears were bothering me from the other two evenings and I could not find my earplugs. So instead, we headed home on the train and collapsed into bed about 9:30.

A few pictures of the parade:


Kevin said...

Hey guys!
It was so nice to finally meet and and great to see you at Queen! We left at around 1 but didn't get home until a bit after 2. I agree--the parade was a bit long!
Let's get together when you are in S.F. sometime.

DanNation said...

So glad you came...be sure to let us know when you are next in the city! DanNationBlog@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

I see you comment on Ryan and Mike's blog well I am trying to get all the people that read there blog to go here and leave a comment so they can pass it on too them with hopes we can get them to come back and blog again.

Thanks, Danny

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