Thursday, July 26, 2007

Back on the road again

E and I are leaving for another vacation. We are off to Germany for three weeks. Our itinerary starts with a 10 day guided hike in the Bavarian Alps outside Munich, across the narrow part of Austria and ends just inside the Italian boarder. (More details here.) We then spend the rest of the time traveling around visiting German cities and staying in Gay hotels/guest houses. Besides Munich, we are visiting Cologne, Hamburg, and a final week in Berlin. We are planning on seeing key museums, walking lots of streets, and seeing as many cute guys as we can, especially in hedonistic Berlin.
A friend described our trip this way: “Oh my! - It sounds like the Sound of Music transitions to Cabaret!! - Wholesome meets naughty! We see a big production - lots of outfit changes! The migration from Julie to Liza will be most challenging!”

Back after August 22nd.


Anonymous said...

two jewish gay dads? is that for real?

Kevin said...

Hey guys!
Have a fantastic trip to Germany. Doug and I were in Berlin a couple of years ago for a week and had a great time. Let us know when you are next in the city!

Akoni said...

Wowo, looks like you both love to travel. Something my other half and I are waiting patiently to do. Loved reading your entries and will definetly pop back in to see where and what you are up to. Have fun in Germany.

Oh btw my name is Akoni and I just started a blog, and was cruising through blog catalog.....hope all is well where you are.


David, Son of Walt said...

Can't wait to hear about your trip to Germany. My partner Brian and I took our oldest son to visit friends and fellow gay dads in Northern Ireland back in September. It was a marvelous trip.

I am enjoying your blog, now that I found it again and will link to it on mine and on

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