Thursday, October 18, 2007

Closet Minesweeper

Mindsweeper: I'm here because I'm bored.My oldest daughter sent me the link to this fake movie trailer, “Minesweeper The Movie”. She remembers me playing it a lot. I spent/wasted hours on it. And I was GOOD at it. Interestingly, I have not played it since I’ve came out over five years ago. I suppose I could come up with some connection or explanation that ties the two observations together. Nevertheless, there are a number of different behaviors and pursuits that have changed in the last five years. One example: although I still run 4 times a week, I no longer run long distances (more than 6 miles) or do marathon training. In many ways, the computer games and distance running were ways to avoid dealing with the drama I was creating at home just prior to the separation.


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