Thursday, June 10, 2010

News of travel, kids and parents

After six and a half months recovering from colon cancer, our life is starting to get back to its normal, busy self. There are some concessions however. I take several hours in the morning to stabilize my colon activity (bathroom breaks). I can’t eat a large dinner and then go out to a play or other event in the evening.

Nevertheless, we have taken a couple short trips. Over Memorial Day weekend, we flew to Palm Springs and stayed at an adult gay resort. The first night there, we attended Palm Springs’ gay theatre, Thorny Theater and saw the comedy “PS, Your Cat is Dead”. The second night we met good friends for dinner. [Picture of me at Georges’ Alibi in Palm Springs]

The first weekend in June was spent at Silverado Resort in the Napa Valley. One of E’s clients hosted an executive team and spouses along with us to celebrate a business accomplishment. [Picture of E looking at the view from Artesa Winery]

Our youngest son just graduated from middle school, celebrated his 14th birthday and got a couple kittens.

The next oldest son (21) is doing excellent work in college. He took a several years off from school after a difficult freshman year to work full time. He is now working part-time and going to school part-time and making killer grades. This summer he is taking a course in bartending.

The oldest daughter consoled herself after a breakup with her boyfriend by buying a used motorcycle, a Kawasaki Ninja 250. Although, the dads are not very thrilled of the purchase, she is an adult in her mid-20’s.

Final family update is about my Dad (center in the picture). The Town of Los Gatos honored him for his volunteer work. He was one of several Distinguished Seniors. I am very proud of him (and my Mom too). The both give large amounts of their time in helping various organizations and charities.


Little Rainbow Comics said...

Hey guys - thanks for sharing your life events- glad to see the recovery and you are on the mend - great to hear about the kids - I'd be leary about the motorcycle too but hopefully she's taking steps to be well prepared - early Father's Day wishes to you!

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