Friday, October 29, 2010

Giants: Castoffs, Misfits and World Series Champions

My husband is a major Giants baseball fan. He has had season tickets for years.. ever since the new San Francisco stadium opened. During this post-season, he is having a time of his life as the team makes the game truly exciting. The sports page describe there tension filled games as "torture." The Giants weren't suppose to make the playoffs or the World Series. Many of the top players were recently pick-up in trades or brought up from the minors and are not that well known. Here is a quick look at some of the Giants' players.

Aaron Roland and Andres Torres congratulate each other

Andres Torres with his tongue out having licked the competition.

Relief pitcher Brian "Fear the Beard" Wilson receives a ball from catcher Buster Posey

Brian "Fear the Beard" Wilson with his roommate in the harness, Pat "The Machine" Burrell doing a remote interview for a sports talk show. Check out "Kenneth in the (212)" blog for the video and more pics.

Pat "The Machine" Burrell working out when he was a Phillies player

Pat Burrell

A pensive Posey

Couple shots of catcher Buster Posey

Cody Ross tangled in arms

Jonathan Sanchez and his Dad

Jonathan Sanchez

Juan Uribe and Edgar Renteria

Another Juan Uribe and Edgar Renteria doing jazz hands

"Shotgun" Matt Cain

Pablo "The Panda" Sandoval and Travis Ishikawa hug

Travis Ishikawa

Freddy Sanchez all dirty

Freddy Sanchez sandwiched between Juan Uribe and Aubrey "rally thong" Huff

Tim "The Freak" Lincecum throws hard

Tim Lincecum shirtless with short hair

Madison Bumgarner with former Giants catcher Bengie Molina


Jess said...

This "baseball" thing, that's the one with the white ball and the bat and such?

Jeff said...

GO GIANTS! I admit to being a fair-weather, bandwagon fan, but hey, when the hometown team makes it to the playoffs then the World Series, it's hard not to catch the fever.

Brain Mechanic said...

luvs these

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