Wednesday, December 01, 2010

A Festival of Light and Warmth

We have over a dozen menorahs or hanukkiyot (the plural of hanukkiyah) that we will rotate lighting over the next eight nights. E is planning some where between 12 to 18 different types of latkes recipes he is going to prepare during the holiday. E goes way beyond the traditional fried potato pancake. They are delicious.

Wishing you a very bright and happy festival of lights!

Today is also World's AIDS Day. I am remembering several very talented friends and co-workers that died of AIDS. I worked with them at San Jose Repertory Theatre and American Musical Theatre of San Jose (aka San Jose Civic Light Opera) in the 80's and 90's. David DeLong, David Lemos, Ken Holamon, Jeffery Struckman and Peter David Heth.

Hanukkah is also a festival of freedom. In so many countries in the world, being gay, lesbian, bi or transgendered is still criminalized. U.N. member states recently voted to remove sexual orientation from the list of recognized grounds on which people should be protected from extrajudicial execution. On this Hanukkah, please let Secretary Clinton know how you feel about this.

Next week, a critical international summit-the first in 11 years-is bringing together dozens of world leaders to discuss security and human rights. It's time to rally international support against homophobia and anti-gay violence on the world stage!

Please consider sending your letter to Secretary Clinton with a simple click here:

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Brain Mechanic said...

happy holidays and happy new years guys!

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