Monday, March 21, 2011

Keep your High-Tech on the Down-Low

Be careful flashing your iPhoneSunday we had a close call. We came very close to being mugged and robbed. So a word to wise: Be cautious when using your iPhone on the street.

It was late afternoon and we were looking for a restaurant to eat at before going to see a play at Berkeley Repertory Theatre. We stopped in front of a storefront on Shattuck Ave. in Berkeley, CA. The sidewalk was busy with pedestrians walking past. E paused under a tree and pulled out his iPhone to open one of his apps to try to find the name of restaurant we had been to before.

Scene of the crimeSuddenly, a young man grabs his arm, almost knocks him down, and goes for his iPhone. The phone drops and slides on sidewalk. Both E and the thief grab it, struggle, and E wins (all the time screaming 'THIEF'.) People nearby barely look.

Fortunately my husband is okay. He was a bit shaken but at least he didn't get stabbed or hurt as some folks are. It was so sudden. We were stunned that no one on a very crowded street hardly paused or turned a head, even as we ran after him shouting. Luckily E’s iPhone still works!

Our friend Mike reminds all; “As a PSA to everyone, you should turn on "Find my iPhone" on your i-devices to track them if they are stolen. It's a free service as of this past year, and you can track the device from any computer by just going to You can also remote wipe them too."

Our daughter advises: “Also, be careful on public transit too, especially when you are pulling up to a stop.”


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