Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gay Travel Destinations

At the beginning of December, the Community Marketing, Inc. came out with their Gay & Lesbian Tourism Report for 2011-2012.

[A full PDF report can be found at the following link: []

Of the 21 locations listed, we have been to 62% of them as a gay couple in the last 9 years. Not a bad percentage. We have discussed visiting Key West, New Orleans and Hawaii and will most likely visit them in the next couple of years.

In all the cities we've visited, we try to support the gay community by staying at gay owned or managed bed-and-breakfast, inns or resorts. We make a point to patronize gay stores, theatres, restaurants, and other establishments. An excellent resource of finding places is the website and phone app,

Top 21 Leisure Destinations (not including business travel)
1)    New York City, NY – 8 times
2)    San Francisco, CA – live 40 minutes away, visit 3-5 times a week
3)    Las Vegas, NV – 1 time
4)    Chicago, IL – 1 time
5)    Los Angeles, CA - 3 times
6)    Washington, DC – 3 times
7)    Ft. Lauderdale, FL – 5 times
8)    Palm Springs, CA – 3 times
9)    Miami, FL – passed through many times, not stayed
10) Boston, MA – 1 time
11) Orlando, FL - none
12) Philadelphia, PA - none
13) San Diego, CA – 1 time
14) Seattle, WA - none
15) New Orleans, LA - none
16) Atlanta, GA - none
17) Key West, FL – none (rescheduled when I got sick. hope to visit Dec. 2012)
18) Hawaii – not as a couple, visited separately before we met
19) Napa, CA – 6 times, live 90 minutes away
20) Provincetown, MA - none
21) Sonoma, CA – 4 times, live 100 minutes away

I find it interesting that Napa and Sonoma are even on the list and listed separately. First, they are both in the wine country, part of the Napa wine region, 45 miles north of San Francisco. The two towns are very close (15 miles apart) and almost indistinguishable from each other. Both are just a day trip for anyone visiting San Francisco. Other than several nice gay-owned B&B's and a couple gay/gay-friendly wineries, neither place has a gayborhood or strong out GLBT presence. There are no gay bars or restaurants and very few community services or events. I find the communities to be little more then tolerant, conservative, straight-acting environments.

The more interesting community that embraces the GLBT visitors and locals is the more rustic Russian River and Guerneville area that is 75 miles north of San Francisco and 55 miles northwest of Napa. The Russian River area has several gay resorts as well as a number of upscale gay-owned boutique properties. There are also a couple gay bars and the community supports quite a few GLBT events.


Bill Dameron said...

As a Boston guy, I can't pass up commenting on number 20, don't you mean Provincetown (P-Town), Massachussets? :)

Gay Holidays said...

Hello Dude,

Many countries and large cities treat gay travelers in the same way as they do everyone else. However, as a gay person, you may prefer to travel to areas that openly welcome members of the community. Thanks for sharing it.....

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