Monday, March 05, 2012

Thumb and Testimony

Last week our household had lots of excitement. At the start of the week, we began with our annual physical checkups. In and of itself, not very exciting as our doctor said we were both in good health. However, in the parking lot, I carelessly slammed my thumb in the car door. Fortunately I didn’t break it or snip apiece off. It just hurt a lot. So much so, I started feeling dizzy and had to sit down. I than blacked out and fainted. This, quite naturally, startled my husband. He thought I might be having a stroke or seizure. My eyes had rolled to the back of my head. My mouth hung open and I was drooling. My body was slack and unresponsive. He started shouting for help. A frantic security guard came by to see what the commotion was about. When I came back to consciousness it took me a few moments to figure out who the guy (my husband) was that was shanking me.

If you faint in the parking lot of a medical center, you will spend most of the day in the emergency room. My hand got an x-ray. I had blood and urine tests done. I was given an EKG. I was hooked up to an IV bag. It was a lot of excitement for a bruised thumb.

The excitement at the end of the week was totally of another kind. My husband describes it as:
"Recipe for an Experience of a Lifetime"
- Take the near 300 voices of the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus.
- Add an amazing, never-performed-yet song, "Testimony," written exclusively for SFGMC for the ‘It Gets Better Project’ by world-renowned, Tony/Grammy winner Stephen Schwartz.
- Stir in multi-Grammy-award-winning recording engineer Leslie Ann Jones and the famed Skywalker Sound Studio (of Lucasfilm).
- Introduce four ridiculously talented filmmakers from Apple.
- Bake under the direction of the visionary artistic leader, Dr. Tim Seelig.
- And voila: Out of the "oven" will come this Saturday a recording and video that literally will change the world for many people, those young and old who are thinking today that there is no tomorrow for them, who cannot yet believe that it does get better, and who just need to hear a compelling, personal "Hang in, hang on" message in order to turn the corner.

The world premiere of this one song is well worth the price of a ticket to our March 20 or 21 concert at Davies Hall. I truly believe this song will touch thousands of lives, as it eventually will be heard across the nation and the world.

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