Friday, June 15, 2012

Have a Happy and Gay Father's Day

JC Penny supports equality
We all know that Father’s Day is another one of those “Hallmark holidays." It is an opportunity to get the marketing and sales machine going. Nevertheless, here are a few commercial greetings to gay fathers everywhere.

The JC Penny ad to the right has stirred up the anti-gay groups demanding boycotts of the store. The ad features a real same-sex couple -- Cooper Smith and Todd Koch -- and their kids. The live near Dallas, TX. Read more about them here.

Below are a few old ads that celebrate Dads and their kids.

1950's Hanes ad gets Dads to play on Father's Day
Big Yank suits from Reliance Manufacturing Co.
Dads, kids and Huggies diapers.
Ikea ad from Sweden has no problem with Dads
Happy Father's Day!!
Couple more vintage Father's Day ads...
Bless his heart! A BarcaLounger.

Doll Up Dad. Paper doll fun.

1 comment:

InItsGrip said...

Love the vintage Father's Day ads. And of course, the JC Penney ad is nice to see as well. Thank you for collecting all of these ads!

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