Saturday, April 27, 2013

Music of Paris TN

The recent passing of country singer, George Jones, reminded me that he recorded one of a several songs that mention Paris, Tennessee in the lyrics. I knew of two songs: "We're Not the Jet Set" done by George Jones and Tammy Wynette and "Paris, Tennessee" done by Kenny Chesney. Were there more? This got me to poke around YouTube and Google to find the answer.

Paris, Tennessee is my husband’s hometown. We go back to visit family every fall. The city (population 10,000+) is 86 miles northwest of Nashville, near the Kentucky boarder. It is known for its 60-foot tall replica of the Eiffel Tower and for being the home of the "World's Biggest Fish Fry."

There must be hundreds of songs about Paris, France. Would you expect to find at least seven songs about Paris, Tennessee? Let’s review:

Paris, Tennessee – Kenny Chesney. Also recorded by Tracy Lawrence and Dennis Robbins.
I may not have a whole lot of money 
But I got enough girl for you and me 
I'm takin' off won't you come with me honey 
Gonna take you all the way to Paris, Tennessee
Ooooh, la-la, baby Vous le vous Barbecue

We’re Not the Jet Set - George Jones & Tammy Wynette. Also recorded by John Prine and Iris Dement
By a fountain back in Rome, I fell in love with you 
In a small cafe in Athens, you said you loved me too 
And it was April in Paris, when I first held you close to me 
Rome, Georgia; Athens, Texas; and Paris, Tennessee

Country Boy’s World – Jason Aldean
You ever been to Rome, Georgia? 
Picked peaches off the trees 
Climbed a water tower in Paris, Tennessee

Lucky In Love – Sherrie Austin
 “I met a sweet-talking guy from Paris, Tennessee 
He bought me french fries at the Dairy Queen

Nothing Catches Jesus By Surprise – Waylon Jennings
The way you caught my eye in Paris, Tennessee 
Selling seduction, well I'm seduced


Hillbilly Goddess – Alicia Nugent 
She don’t care about the South of France or a bottle of champagne 
She’s just as happy drinking punch in Paris, Tennessee

Workin' on Ten - George Canyon 
She's got an '83 280z, just 23 
Lives on 42nd Street, Paris, Tennessee 
Exactly 924 feet from her door to mine 
Seven days a week at 6a.m. she gets her 5 miles in 
All the neighborhood men pretend to get their paper 
When she goes running by
No YouTube video.
Copy of George Canyon - Workin' On Ten

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