Saturday, November 14, 2015

Rob Lowe Is Teasing Me

My celebrity buddy is being playfully flirtatious and provocative. Rob Lowe is doing the late night circuit to promote his new TV comedy series, The Grinder. From what I read it is “sitcom about a popular TV lawyer whose drama series ends, so he returns to his hometown to work in the family law firm, where he squares off with his younger brother. Co-staring Fred Savage.” I have not seen the show and not likely to for a while. We don’t have TV or cable hookup or stream anything.

Anyway, Rob recently appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show on ABC to joke about a new social media app that helps single viewers of his new comedy meet like-minded others.


I only met Rob Lowe once back in the early ‘90s. You can read about it here. And more about him here and here.


hot guy of the day said...

OMFG... Grinder meets Grindr. Whoa!

Blogger said...

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