Monday, May 23, 2005

Four Day Weekend in Washington DC

E’s Number One Son (NOS) graduated last weekend from George Washington University with a double major. The guy is a smart kid.

We flew out on Thursday morning on a cramped United plane. We meet E’s aunt, uncle and ex-wife in DC. They also flew to DC from the SF bay area. The first night we all had rooms at a gay-owned, straight-friendly bed and breakfast not far from Dupont Circle. The William Lewis House is a cozy, Edwardian-style furnished, restored Victorian house. The Washington Blade just had a nice write up in its print edition. This was E’s third time staying there, my second.

Our long weekend visit was very different than our previous one six months ago. Back then we had lots of time to ourselves to visit museums, attend plays and hit the gay bars and dance clubs. This time it was about entertaining family and friends. I felt so lucky and fortunate to be a part of this new family. We (I, E and E’s ex-wife) hosted several meals that included many of NOS’s college friends and old family friends.

NOS always introduced E and I to his friends as “his Dads”. He even insisted that we go drinking with his buddies. Of course they were straight bars and The Dads paid.

Befitting any good family event, there was an abundance of eating. We had good lunches at Bertucci’s and Sette Osteria. Thursday night dinner was with family and college friends at Mimi’s American Bistro. Not only was the food good, but that night the singing waiters were cute and talented. Friday night was at a Malaysian restaurant called Penang. We had 16 people. Most were old family friends of E and his ex. Everyone had such a great time that most of us decided to meet again for brunch the next day at a hotel restaurant. Saturday night’s dinner was at Odeon Cafe where NOS had worked one summer. It featured old fashioned Italian food.

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Houston said...

Oh stop glowing!

I used to visit Washington on a semi-regular basis back in the early 90s, and I liked it well enough, but I sensed well enough that I would always prefer being a visitor rather than a resident. Still, I did find it interesting. Not the people so much, but the place itself. The people were pretty ordinary. Smart, but ordinary.

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