Monday, May 16, 2005

Weekend of kids and dinners.

We had six kids for Shabbat dinner on Friday. My two young kids (6 & 8) were with us for the weekend. My 20 year old daughter was also around. She has been staying at my parent’s house before going back to college for summer classes at the end of the month. And E’s high school age son is living with us now. They were all expected for dinner. Midday my older daughter calls and asks if she can bring an old friend from high school. Then a half hour before dinner, E’s son calls asking if his friend can come to dinner. Fortunately there was enough for all. E and I felt truly blessed as we lighted candles and said the blessings over the wine and bread at the beginning of the meal. It is great that the kids feel so comfortable to have their friends over.

Saturday night we were invited to a dinner party with four other gay couples at a house that looked like it came out of the pages of Sunset Magazine or Architectural Digest. We are trying very hard not to have house envy.

Sunday afternoon we picnicked in the park with another gay dad couple and their kids. Later that night we attended a benefit dinner for a teacher training organization called “Facing History and Ourselves”.

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hi from italy

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