Sunday, October 09, 2005

Six Kid Recap

Oldest son got his first post-college job in Washington DC. The job relates to his degree and pays well. In the meantime he mulls over applying to law school.

Oldest daughter has decided on a major and career goal. Her studies have turned around and she is excited about her college classes.

Next son was able to bum around all summer in his coastal college town. He now has a part time job teaching Jewish Sunday school.

High school son is in the process of applying to colleges. He works weekends at a local hamburger diner.

The nine-year-old son has started to take tennis lessons and is playing fall baseball.

The first grade daughter has recovered from breaking her wrist when she fell from the school’s new monkey bars. She also has her first loose tooth.


Scotty said...

Sounds like you guys keep pretty busy...and BROKE I would imagine.

Marc said...

Wow, from first grade through almost law school.

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