Friday, December 09, 2005

Birthdays, parties, and plays

The first week of December is packed full of birthdays. Both our mothers have birthdays at the beginning of the month. My oldest daughter’s was at the beginning of the week. My baby turned 21 years old. It feels so strange to have adult children. We are going to celebrate this weekend.
My younger kids were with us last weekend. We played games and did art projects at the local art center. We also all attended a wonderful holiday/birthday party in San Francisco hosted by a delightful and charming gay couple.
Monday night we saw a disappointing Stephen Sondheim review. Other then the multitalented 12-year-old girl who stole the show, the rest of the cast and production were very second rate.
Wednesday night we attended a wonderful performance of “Into the Woods”. It is being done by TheatreWorks in Palo Alto. Excellent production and cast. We are going again the following week and take E’s oldest son.
E and I are spending this weekend at our favorite bed and breakfast in San Francisco, the Parker Guest House. Friday night we are going to see semi-staged productions of “Oedipus Rex” and “The Nightingale” by Stravinsky at the San Francisco Symphony. Saturday we entertain my daughter and three of her friends at the Museum of Modern Art and a musical at 42nd Street Moon, “Roar of the Greasepaint, Smell of the Crowd” and then off to a celebratory dinner. Sunday is gay theatre day. First is play, “After Dark”, at New Conservatory Theatre Center, the best gay theatre company in SF. Then we are going to see “Bent” at Theatre Rhino, the oldest gay theatre in SF.
We also have tickets for Billy Crystal’s “700 Sundays” next week. We are taking E’s old son to as well. He is back from Washington DC where he is now living and working after finishing college.

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Aethlos said...

The Billy Crystal thing should be marvelous... he's such a genius.

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