Friday, December 16, 2005

Kids and holidays

It is a busy time with kids and shows. Quick roundup and review:
Oldest son is visiting from Washington, DC. He just took his LSATs and is working on his law school application essay. Oldest daughter just turned 21. We had a wonderful time with her and three of her girl friends in San Francisco. We don’t hear much from Number Two Son even though is attending the closest college where he is a sophomore. Hopefully no news is good news. The high school senior son just decided to move back in with Mom. He has been living with us for about nine months. He decided he missed his old house/room too much. I am concerned about how that will go. There is not as much structure and support there. The two grade school kids that live with my Ex-wife are excited about Christmas and Hanukkah coming and all the presents they are getting.

E and I are spending most of the next two weeks at the beach house. The first week is just for us. We are planning on seeing lots of movies. The second week is for family. We will have three kids, my parents and E’s aunt and uncle.


Aethlos said...

law school?... superb!...expensive!, but superb!... sounds like you're going to have a good holiday... very proud of u guys. xoxo

WolfBuckingham said...

You guys sound like an updated Brady Bunch (hey Mr. Brady was gay afterall!).

I like your site, maybe we could link our blogs. My humor blog is

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