Monday, May 15, 2006


The Giants won some games and lost other. Barry Bonds didn’t hit a home run. That’s my sports report for the weekend. You will have to talk to my husband or youngest son if you want real sports details or stats.

We were at the Sunday afternoon game. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day at the ball park. Lots of good looking guys had their shirts off. But I have no pictures of them to post. Instead, this is a picture of the most interesting person working in the stadium. I declare him to be the “Worlds Best Concession Seller™”. He has a voice that fills the stadium. “Sack-a-nuts” he belts out. I can hear him all the way across the ballpark. "Saaaaaack-a-nuts." I can even hear him at home on the radio or TV. His voice has great projection. I’ve seen him work all over the Bay Area; at 49ers games, San Jose Giants (minor league “A” baseball team), Stanford stadium. He is a great one.

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