Thursday, January 25, 2007

Omigod You Guys

After a month’s break of not going to theatre we are back with a vengeance. We saw two more shows this week making it five shows in five days. During this cultural break we caught up on movies watching (see entry below on movie orgy). Last year we attended 81 plays, musicals and operas.

Tuesday night we went to the first performance of the pre-Broadway musical, “Legally Blonde” in San Francisco. We were surprised and delighted by the show. The musical sticks very close to the 2001 movie. It was funny, campy and had hummable tunes. Laurence O’Keefe and Nell Benjamin did the music and lyrics. O’Keefe is best known for “Bat Boy: The Musical”. Music clips of two “Legally Blonde” songs, “Omigod You Guys” and “Take It Like a Man” can be heard at the theatre website. Another funny, big production song, “Gay or European?”, was in the second act where Elle Woods figures out that the pool boy is perjuring himself on the stand. The show hangs together very well and doesn’t have an unfinished feel of earlier pre-Broadway shows (Lestat, Mambo Kings, and Lennon).

Wednesday evening we went Anthony Clarvoe’s “Ambition Facing West” at TheatreWorks in Mountain View. Clarvoe is well known in the local theatre community for his Silicon Valley plays (Ctrl+Alt+Delete and Pick Up Ax). This subdued, family epic tells overlapping stories of three generations as one part of the family moves west. The earliest story line starts in Croatia 1910s, then Wyoming in 1940s and Japan in 1980s. The acting was good and many of the issues raised in the script were interesting but overall it wasn’t very engaging.

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