Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Out at Xmas

I am so glad that Christmas is over. From November through December, I face the “coming out” dilemma at least once a day. Sometimes I am faced with it four to six times a day. Every time it comes up, it is a split second, pressured decision for me. How much do reveal? Do I just pretend that I am not different and fake it? Do I give a thought-out, sincerely reply or a flippant comment? Everyone, straight or gay, just assumes I am Christian and I celebrate Christmas. Even after I tell people, they don’t remember. Ugh!

As a new Jew, this Xmas outing is a recent phenomenon for me. I suppose over time I will get use to it and not be so sensitive about it. I use to be Christian (Presbyterian) but I converted to Reform Judaism after I met E and came out. It is important to both of us to practice the same faith. Reform Judaism is very welcoming. As a denomination, they have been inclusive and supportive of gays and gay rights for about ten years. Meanwhile, I could no longer tolerate the hypocrisy of the Christian faith.

There have been several news stories about the religious right’s “war on Christmas”. Apparently it has been very profitable selling crap like pins, ornaments and bumper stickers. It also has worked to mobilize their dimwitted base into coughing up more cash for their “battle” against Christmas censors. They spend more time and money trying to preserve and promote the commercialization of Christmas rather than the spiritual and family/friend involvement. I suspect the money just goes into the pockets of their leaders.


peostus said...

It must be hard esp. in "unchurched unsynagogued" SF. What do you say? When I came out and changed I was so proud I at least briefly explained to folks,
without laying a conversion on them. Thanks. Dave

Daniel, the Guy in the Desert said...

I've thought about converting to Judaism, as the only thing about Christianity I like is Jesus, and I don't believe in his divinity anymore.
But there are no (0) synagogues where I live.

Anonymous said...

So I'm a day or two late in commenting, but you say you could no longer tolerate the hypocrisy of the Christian faith. You might want to re-think that sentence. You may have found many Christians to be hypocrits, but the faith itself? Reminds me of a guy who once gave me a very nice camera because the stupid camera wouldn't work. Sure, it was all about the camera. It helps when one follows the directions that came with it.


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