Sunday, September 07, 2008

Defend the Rights of same-sex couples

Vote NO on Prop 8 in CaliforniaA couple weeks ago we made a significant gift to the No on Prop 8 campaign. We chose to make this gift to the “No On Prop 8” campaign for several reasons.
One, it is wrong to eliminate fundamental rights. If passed, Proposition 8 will write into the California constitution prejudice and discrimination of gays and lesbians. It is not the government’s place to tell which couples are allowed to marry. California was a pioneer 60 years ago when the state Supreme Court ruled that barring black and white couples from marring was a violation of fundamental rights. The decision was not popular then. A poll taken at the time revealed that only 5% of the population supported the court’s decision. Time has shown that the court’s decision was correct.

Two, Domestic partnerships are not the same as marriage. Domestic partnerships don’t provide the same dignity, respect, and commitment as marriage. Separate but equal has never been a long-term solution.

The Yes on 8 campaign is well funded by right-wing, fundamental and out of state organizations. They are making up and spreading hateful misinformation about marriage for same-sex couples. Here are links to some of their stop-at-nothing tactics: or
They are spending more then $25 million dollars across California to stirrup fear and hatred of homosexuals.

What can you do?Give as much as you can afford. You can easily donate at
Vow to Vote No on November 5th. Pledge at
Begin key conversations with family and friends. They are waiting to hear from you abut why it is so important to you that they vote no on Election Day. See for a toolkit to help you begin these conversations.
Volunteer. Sign up at

Vote NO on Amendment 2 in FloridaI want to mention another important state campaign on the other side of the country. Florida has an atrocious record in discriminating and persecuting the GLBT community. This year they have an especially horrendous amendment measure on the ballot.

Vote No on Amendment 2 in Florida:
Amendment 2 does nothing to “protect traditional marriage”. Florida already passed a law banning gay marriage. This new amendment is far more dangerous for all. If passed, it will take away important family protections, health care insurance, hospital visitation and medical decision-making authority, from all unmarried couples, gay and straight. It permanently bans civil unions and dismantles domestic partner benefits that seniors, teachers, police officers and firefighters rely on in more than 18 communities across the state.

Please support Equality Florida as they battle this disregard of human rights. Equality Florida seeks to:
* Overturn the toughest Anti-GLBT Florida adoption ban in the US
* End Anti-GLBT harassment and violence in Florida’s schools
* Full legal recognition of our relationships and families
* Change Florida’s Law and Public Policy so that NO Floridian faces discrimination based on Sexual Orientation, Race, Gender and Class
* Build coalitions of support for the progressive movement in Florida
* Provide the information, expertise and tools necessary to strengthen local groups working to end discrimination based on sexual orientation, race, class and gender (including identity and expression).

WeddingFinally, over the Labor Day weekend, we attend the same-sex wedding of two good friends, Alfred and Steve. Their wedding ceremony was held in the chapel of the Sonoma Mission. (Mission San Francisco Solano). It was a beautiful Episcopal service performed by their Vicar. Congratulations to Alfred and Steve. We spent the rest of the weekend sitting around the pool reading at the Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa Hotel.

UPDATE: Almost forgot the third state anti-marriage proposition in Arizona. This is the second time Arizona has voted on discrimination against same-sex couples. Voters in Arizona defeated a similar measure in 2006. Support them to defeat it again. Vote No on Proposition 102.

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