Friday, December 19, 2008

Out for the Holidays

The most exclusive all-gay New Year's cruise everWe are on two week vacation. It is practically a repeat of last year’s holiday vacation. We are spending a week at a gay resort in Fort Lauderdale, FL called Pineapple Point. A week later we head to St Thomas to board TravelPride’s gay New Year’s Cruise in the Caribbean. [Last year’s cruise]

First night of Chanukah starts Sunday night when we are gone. We will miss having our latke dinners with family and friends. Enjoy the holiday videos instead.

Seattle Men's Chorus Ensemble sings the Dreidel song.


Oy Vey, My Son is Gay! Sung as Oy, Holy Night.


Finally, The 12 Gays of Christmas



Ryan said...

merry christmas have fun!

Forcados Amadores said...

Love Gay Portugal

maybemaybenot said...

I. LOVE. THIS. VIDEO. Still chuckling...

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