Sunday, December 07, 2008

What happened to November?

Yikes! Well into December already and I have not chronicled November. Other than Thanksgiving, all I wrote about was Prop 8. You would not know that November was a busy month for us.

GuyDads at a costume ballDuring the month, we were out and about attending a multitude of cultural events:
- 2 musicals ('Flower Drum Song' and 'Girl Crazy')
- 3 plays ('The Quality of Life', 'Six Years', and 'The Seafarer')
- 2 operas ('The Elixir of Love' and 'Boris Godunov')
- 1 musical review of Stephen Schwartz songs
- 1 symphony, Mahler’s No. 8, 'Symphony of a Thousand'

We also attend a costume ball and auction that our local repertory theatre hosted in their scene shop. We sponsored a table of 10 gay friends.
- We were invited to two dinner parties.
- Attended one movie (Bolt).
The few evenings we were not out, we spent the time watching the first season of HBO’s “Rome” on DVDs from Netflex.

But the biggest activity for the month was a trip to Tennessee. Two weeks before Thanksgiving we traveled to Paris, TN to visit E’s family. It was an excellent visit and a lot less stressful than Elvis' black leather suit from his 1968 comeback TV specialvisiting on a holiday like Thanksgiving. We made a side trip with E’s mother to Memphis. None of us had ever visited Elvis Presley’s Graceland before. It was a hoot…and much smaller than you would expect. We also visited the National Civil Rights Museum that is housed in the motel Martin Luther King was assassinated at in 1968.
E and I spent our last night in Tennessee in Nashville. Every time we fly in or out of Nashville we make a point to spend some time and money on Church Street, Nashville’s gay business district. We bought gifts at fabulous GLBT bookstore, OutLoud!. Drinks at Tribe and dinner at neighboring Red.


Ryan said...

omg i love elvis and been there i was just in aww with it. maybe coz im southern i dont know anyway i think its worth seeing!

Anonymous said...

I think it is fascinating to visit Elvis Presley's Graceland.

Queers United said...

im shocked there is a gay bookstore in TN.

kc55mo said...

I love "Boris Godunov" - I've only seen it once in NY -- it doesn't come around ever in Kansas City. "Elixir" is a favorite as well - boy, those two can't be hardly more different.

David, Son of Walt said...

Sounds like you've had a fun and busy month! How are things set for the holidays for you? Here in Pennsylvania we are already tired of the cold and it's not even Christmas yet!

Anonymous said...

How did you enjoy the new staging of Elixor? I saw it at War Memorial in November as well.

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