Friday, March 13, 2009


Many of our gay friends ask when we are going to get a dog. My reply is to answer with a lame joke that we don’t have pets, we have kids instead.
We have talked about what breed of dog we would like someday. But it is not practical for us to own one at this time. We are not home enough and we often travel on extended vacations where bringing pets are prohibited. There is also the issue that I am allergic to animal fur, everything from hamsters to horses.
However, several of our kids are pet owners. It is a joy to see them engaged with their pets.
Did you know that March is Adopt-a-Rescued-Guinea-Pig Month? Let’s celebrate with daughter SH and her guinea pig named Francis.
Francis the Guinea PigFrancis & Shannon

Son JN recently adapted a baby kitten called Cruzer.
Cruzer & JonCat Wii

Son EL is the proud owner of Biggin, a pit bull mix.
California Grown Biggin with EliBiggin and eBob

Our friend SC is raising two golden lab puppies. We took our two youngest kids over for a visit. They don't have pets of their own yet.
Kids with Mac & ColbyScott with Mac & Colby


angel said...

hello..this is angel visiting first time to this site and find it very interesting.



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Getfriends said...

Hi !

Nice to visit to you.Pet are best stress sharing thing to have by every one.

Very interesting to now about activity's they had every day to day life.

Thanks ,

Max said...

The two gay fathers should not think about what breed they should get, they should be thinking which shelter has a unwanted pet that would make them very happy.:)

Nicola said...

Hi this is my first time visiting your site - and I must say, what luck your children have and how proud they must be with wonderful dads like you. I, too, have a pet cat that I depend on for stress relief. She just knows when I need to cuddle and stuff. I think it'll be fun if you get your kids pets of their own - as long as they take care of it. If they have allergy, there are many cheap antihistamine around or you can get them hypo-allergenic pets.

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