Friday, May 01, 2009

Local videos on Youtube

Two Stanford University undergraduate filmmakers, Abteen Bagheri-Fard and Jay Kilachand, have released this music video in support of same sex marriage. It is called “Gotta Get Wed”.

Let California Ring site, an educational campaign launched by the Equality California Institute.

Also at Stanford: Condoleezza Rice, former Stanford Provost and new Hoover Fellow, met with a group of undergraduate students earlier this week for a dinner and reception at Roble dorm. She get a little defensive when the questions of torture come up.



Michael J. M. said...

that's a kewl CA campaign, couldn't agree more. and liked the way it moved and morphed

rice should be a 'liitle defensive' everything she does and says can and will eventually be used against her in a court of international law

Jeve said...

Nice! love that music video.


Court Reporter said...

Of course, the Supreme Court didn't merely "stay" the commissions; they ruled that they were unconstitutional as constituted.

She has a remarkable capacity for lying, that one.

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