Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mothering Surprise

Mothering MagazineI recently became aware that this blog, GuyDads, was mentioned in an editorial about new fathers. Our blog was listed in both the print and on-line editions of Mothering magazine. The piece was written by Peggy O'Mara, the editor and publisher of the magazine. She writes about her son becoming a father for the first time. She mentions his worries and concerns of handling this new responsibility. At the end she lists a number of on-line resources and blogs.

My oldest kid is now 25 years old. I can still remember the panic of back in 1984 worrying about how I was going to afford having a child. I initially found a second job but after a couple months I dropped it in order to spend more time with the new family. I remember being overwhelmed at the time with the sleepless nights, ear infections at 2 in the morning, the near constant diaper changing, the rocking/holding/walking my daughter so she could sleep. At the time it seemed relentless but in fact it passed by very quickly.

Today, four of our six kids are in their 20's. Sometime in the next few years the cycle will repeat and we will be watching one of them struggling with new parenthood.

Earlier this week I went to the bookstore and bought a copy of the magazine. I am going to show it to my mom.

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