Sunday, March 28, 2010

Preparing for a Joyous Passover

From E’s facebook posting: 6 desserts (5 chocolate-based), carrot soup and 3 kinds of matzah balls, salmon appetizers with horseradish sauce, duck breast marinating in blueberry sauce, leek patties, 3 kinds of charoset -- all made and ready for Monday night (first night of Passover).
Table for 17 was set on Saturday. Just a couple more dishes to do during the day on Monday and then all the last minutes in and out of ovens.
Passover Table is set
There are many rituals for preparing for Passover. The best-known ones are searching, collecting and selling of chametz (bread, grains and leavened products). [By the way, our chametz is stored in the closet.] Our tradition for the erev-Passover (night before) is to go have pizza and beer. Next stop: matzah!
erev-Passover tradition
A happy Passover to all our Jewish pals & family.

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