Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Colon Update

It has been about 3 ½ weeks since my last surgery. My digestive track (colon) has been reconnected minus the cancerous rectum. The good news is: I have not had any complications from the surgery. The scars are healing over nicely. I have had almost no pain. I am not taking any pain pills. I am sleeping well. I have started going for a daily walk. My genitals are working fine.
Sounds like everything is great, right? Far from it. Without a rectum I have no holding area for poop. I am running to the bathroom 30 to 40 times a day. The doctor says things will eventually calm down. My body will adapt to the change. Until then I am working on a diet regimen that includes Metamucil and Imodium.


Uncutplus said...

I suggest that you also add yogurt with active cultures to your diet such as Dannon Activia. After I had a terrible bout with infection and antibiotics, I had a lot of diarrhea because the antibiotics had killed the good bacteria in my gut. The yogurt restored the bacteria, and I am now back to normal. You may need to eat it daily for about 2 weeks and then occasionally after that. If I eat it daily now, I become constipated. Ask your physician about it, as it was my physician who recommended it to me.

GuyDads said...

Thanks for the recommendation. Yogurt has always been part of my diet. Love the stuff.

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