Thursday, November 04, 2010

Gay Sports Fan

Drinking beer is part of being a sports fanI am about the furthest thing there could be to a sport fan. Generally I have no interest in team sports. Never have. But I am married to loyal and dedicated baseball fan. My husband has had season tickets to the SF Giants for a long time. I have learned and found it fun to attend games with him. Just don’t ask me too many questions about the game or the players (everything I know is listed below). When I first met my husband he had season tickets to San Jose Sharks hockey and SF 49er football as well as baseball. After the first couple years together, he dropped the hockey and football tickets for season tickets to the San Francisco Opera and several other theatre companies. Ooooh, do I love this man!

The Giants Win the World SeriesAnother interesting fact about us is that we do not have TV hookup. No antenna, cable or satellite. Thus to watch the out-of-town playoff and World Series games, we had to go to our local sports bar. This was a blast. Imagine a large bar filled with younger, excited, drunk men!

Now imagine being approached by a guy wearing a press badge. I can only assume we fit his readership demographic…mature, intelligent, sophisticated newspaper readers. I think among our friends we are the only ones that have to read the morning paper at the breakfast table.

We achieved the following 1.5 minutes of fame in our local Palo Alto Daily News. They reported the following the:

“Happy Giants fans live it up locally”

Torture turned into hysteria Monday night in Palo Alto after the Giants won their first-ever World Series title since moving to San Francisco in 1958.
When rookie catcher Buster Posey caught a swinging strike three to clinch the championship, a celebration of seismic proportions erupted inside The Old Pro on Ramona Street as the orange-and-black-clad fans raised their hands and looked around for someone to hug -- be it a friend or a stranger.
With fans standing on top of tables, the crowd stretching onto the sidewalk sang along as Queen's "We Are the Champions" blared.
Well, was it worth the wait?
"Oh, my God. Yes!"
Those were the words of Ed Jones, who like the Giants moved to the Bay Area from New York -- except he did so in 1969 as an 11-year-old. A season-ticket holder along with Eddie Reynolds, who moved from Virginia in 1978 and was born in Tennessee, the pair spoke during the third inning about the way this rag-tag, misfit group of Giants captured the imagination of fans.
"I think this is unique because in both baseball and football there were always major stars," said Reynolds, dropping names like Joe Montana and Jerry Rice as well as Willie Mays, Willie McCovey and Barry Bonds. "This time it's a different lineup, different set of stars and we didn't expect it."
"There is no MVP," Jones said. "It's an ensemble award."

Let's Go Giants!Don't I sound like a total jock? I can do "sports talk". Except using the word "ensemble". That is a theatre word. Oh well. When I sent the new link to my family, my bother responded with: “Who are you and what have you done with my brother? My "real" brother believed a sports section was provided only to cat owners to line the litter box.” True, very true.

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