Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Black Friday Holiday Weekend

Are you ready to talk some serious turkey? Here are 20 gay holiday tips and shopping suggestions.
Out in the kitchen swapping...good friends. This is fun.
This calls for a Bud.

Plenty of stamina! That's what it takes and
that's what you get...

A year 'round proposition...
Has a soft but firm finish...

Active Service Underwear. Lasting comfort,
fit, and immaculate appearance.

The smell of fresh, citrusy notes, composed with 
spicy lavender on a masculine, woody base.

How did you learn to make such swell coffee, Dick?

Why would any man pay so much for so little?

Casual, dress and tailored apparel with options for men
of all ages and professions.

Gay socks are back this year.

The Gay Dessert!

Jester Wools for Gayer Garments.

Jockey Fashion Underwear.

Now Pajamas are Alive with Color

Allan, he's Ken's buddy by Mattel

Bonded to form for lightweight warmth.

Nobelt Pajama party. They'll be back in your dresser drawer!

I was curious... Now I know why.

A girl's best gays.

Cleverest of Gifts for Gay Parties.

Fuel the Yule spirit.


The Gay Groom said...

Those are great! :)

Nikolaos said...

Aren't they amazing? Full of hidden gay meanings. I did a piece commenting on an Advocate article which also looked at gay-ish ads (here:

The thing is: were they *really* that innocent? Or was there always this running joke, which the straights didn't get?

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