Tuesday, January 07, 2014

The golden fruit of hospitality: Pineapple Point

The front gate of Pineapple Point
What an amazing two week holiday we had at Pineapple Point Guesthouse & Resort and in Fort Lauderdale area during our annual visit. Usually when we travel, we have a full agenda of cultural, tourist and physical activities such as hiking and biking. But our Florida vacation is always centered on socializing with several dozen friends and hanging around the resort.

We went to 6 great parties with old & new friends;
Went out to 10 dinners and lunches with long-term, local friends;
Noshed at the nightly wine & cheese social gatherings at the resort pool;
Partook in a huge Christmas Day feast catered around the pool,
Attended 4 current movies at the nearby Gateway Theater (Philomena, American Hustle, Saving Mr. Banks, and Nebraska);
Read at least 3 books each while sitting around the pool;
Went out dancing twice in Wilton Manors;
And wandered around the Las Olas Art Fair.
In addition, we ran 5.5 miles to and on the beach for at least 10 of the days we were there.
Hmmm, for a relaxing two weeks, we still did a lot!

We are sending lots of love and hugs to all our Ft. Lauderdale friends, all the dear friends who (like us) come year after year to Pineapple Point, and to all the staff at the resort who are there every December to welcome us back like long-lost relatives.

How can we wait until December 2014?

BTW, I learned something new about pineapples:
In the Caribbean, Europe and North America, the pineapple became associated with the return of ships from extended voyages, and an emblem of welcome and hospitality that made its way into contemporary art. The fruit came to symbolize the high spirits of social events; the image of the pineapple expressed the sense of welcome, good cheer, human warmth and family affection inherent to such gracious gatherings.

Local movie theatre

Our room at Pineapple Point

Christmas tree in the breakfast sun room

Lunch around the pool Christmas day

Ed dancing at Village Pub in Wilton Manors

Eddie dancing at Village Pub

Holiday decorations in nearby Wilton Manors

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